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Meet the crew of The Pride O' Bedlam

Admiral Basil Drake

Admiral and Captain of the ship, Drake provides... ahem.. leadership to Bedlam, and as a result, is never far from his tankard of ale.

Dane Bennett
Broadside McGuiness

There is never a pirate as fully loaded as Broadside, who maintains the ship's armoury strapped to his person, as well as its rum.

Jarimie Holdgraf
Wishbone "Ginger"
Morale Officer

Always keep your wallet firmly in hand when Ginger comes a callin' or you'll end up lying robbed in an alley... naked... with a smile on your face.

Jesse Maris
Keelhaul Kate
Violin, Vocals

You could make the mistake of looking her square in the eye on a calm weather day in the middle of Autumn... but we wouldn't recommend it.

Kristin Coyle
Draven "PressGang" O'Hughes
Human Resources
Drums, Vocals

PressGang's many years on a slaver's deck let him keep a beat better than most pirates, but that's not saying much.

Patrick Manning
Guitar, Vocals

He has a bone to pick with you, and then wants to use your bones to pick his teeth.

Michael Pruitt
Bass, Vocals

Started learning guitar and decided he could do all he needed with only 4 strings... so he plays bass!

Brett Amick